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The Journal of Individualized Medicine & Theraphies U.S. and International Researchers & Projects

US Researchers

Stanford University, CA – Vagal Nerve Stimulator

Wake Forrest, NC – Gastroenterology

Carrier Clinic, Meridian Health System, NJ – Mental Health

University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL – Anesthesiology

Eastern VA University, VA – Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy

University of Southern California, CA – Critical Care

Boston Children’s Hospital, MA – Pediatrics

Christiana Care Health System, DE – Endocrinology

Lankenau Medical Center, Main Line Health, PA – Cardiology

University of Michigan, MI – Metabolic Syndrome

University of Louisville, KY – Gastroenterology

Emory University, GA – PTSD

JFK University Medical Center, NJ – Neurology

International Researchers

University of Manchester, England – Cardiology

Korea University, Seoul – Metabolism

University of Adelaide, Australia – Diabetes

Tsinghua University, Beijing, China – Pain Managememnt

University of Zagreb, Croatia – Psychology

University of Sophia, Bulgaria – Diabetes

Cornell University, Qatar – Small Fiber Neuropathy